Joeseph: They're a gem. Honest and Dependable! Bill & Liz are personable and professional. Rob worked on my 2002 Honda Odyssey's alternator. They work fast, I had an appointment at 10:30 and I was out by 1:00. Rob even charged up my battery and the minivan works better than before. They are reasonable, the cost was less than other quotes in the area. Bill & Liz are so kind they even got me lunch (Not to be expected). Totally unexpected, they went above & beyond. They treated me like a family friend. I've brought my 2002 Lexus IS 300 there before and they've help diagnose and rule out unnecessary repairs. I trust them with all my cars. I'm new to Bakersfield and glad to have found them. You may have to schedule an appointment or get there early.

Jay & Jan Callaway: We were traveling through from Oregon to Texas when our '63 MGB starter failed and we were referred to Bill & Liz by both a competitor and a parts dealer. First, they were very kind. Very understanding. And Very patient with us. Bill and his team were responsive and communicated clearly. They provided an accurate estimate in advance, and worked hard to get us back on the road as their priority. The reassuring way they communicated along with the way they expressed empathy combined to create a sense of trust in them and in their work. Their repair work was excellent, and we completed our trip without another problem. As an automotive repair shop owner in Fort Worth, Texas, I appreciated and was inspired by their service.

David Glass: I took my car elsewhere to get a cooling system problem fixed. Elsewhere misdiagnosed the problem, their repair did not fix anything. Attempt 2 also a misdiagnosis, also did not fix anything. Their third diagnosis was outrageous. I went to Precision. They found the problem, performed a repair, not needing to replace any expensive parts. They also re-adjusted the car's computer (something elsewhere also missed). The car has never run better, my highest recommendation.

Junius B.: I love coming to Precision Automotive for them to take care of my car. It's not easy to work on an Audi A8L, and it definitely isn't easy going to the dealer with Audi's astronomical prices! Some work I can do myself, but I'd rather take it to a professional for more difficult things. This is the only place in town that I would trust with my vehicle with and I am glad that I have been able to give these wonderful people my business over the past few months. Bill and Liz are very warm and welcoming and their shop is very clean. Bill and his guys are true Audi experts in my eyes, and have helped to keep my transporter A8 at 187000 miles running like new. Their prices are definitely unbeatable anywhere and I will continue to come to them in the near and far future! I recommend them to any VW/Audi/Foreign car owner or just any regular car in general. Very honest and caring people! Take care!

James McClard: I took my 2003 Jaguar in for an ignition problem and expected a complete tune up at the very least. They ran the diagnostics and replaced one bad coil. The car now runs like new. They could have easily installed a lot of new parts that were not needed like most dealerships would do, but they were honest and upfront about everything. I agree with the other comments, you just don't find service like this anymore.

Greg Humphrey: Great service. I usually try to do all my repairs myself so if I take my car to the shop I have an idea what is wrong. Bill and his crew handled my issue on my Bmw quickly, efficiently, and at a fair price. When a last minute problem popped up he offered the option of a used part with warranty to get my vehicle done in a day. I will definitely use this shop again for all 3 of my vehicles.

John Bensusan: Very knowledgeable great place for all automotive needs. They do not take advantage of the customer at all. Complete opposite. Will help you in your time of need. Very good people and very honest. Hard to find people you can trust and here they are. Just wanted to say thanks a million for the great job on my car. And will be a customer for life. Also very nice to see a automotive shop that is very clean and organized just like the work they perform there.

Jessica V.: My hubby took our CHEVY Trailblazer here after calling around for quotes. While this shop specializes in European cars, they were willing to work on ours. We worried that they would be the most expensive given their specialty. The exhaust manifold was cracked big time and needed to be replaced. Surprisingly they offered the best quote in the area. They were in constant communication with us on the status of our vehicle. They parked our vehicle inside for the night so no one would break into it, since it had to stay overnight. They even replaced our low beam headlight bulbs bc I had bought them but was having a hard time removing the front grill to change them. When we picked up our vehicle, we noticed that even washed it for me!!! That was so unexpected and kind of them! And the cherry on the top was that the total charge was less than the quote, phew! I highly recommend these guys, I'll be back for sure.

Chris Lindsay: I broke down on a Saturday night driving on Highway 5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The closest city where we could get a rental car to get the family home safe was Bakersfield, so we called AAA and got towed there. Since my Volkswagen Eurovan wasn't going anywhere until repaired, I needed to find a good shop in Bakersfield that could do the work. Fortunately, I found Precision Automotive on Yelp and  we dropped the van off in their parking lot that night with a note that I would be back Monday when they opened to get the service started. I left a message and Bill and Liz, the owners, called me twice on Monday morning on my drive back to Bakersfield to make sure they had all the information they needed to get the repair started ASAP. In addition to the repair, I asked Bill to check for anything else that needed attention. That morning, while I waited, they did a thorough check on all engine components and gave me a comprehensive list of recommendations with a clear breakdown of parts and labor costs. There were no items that I didn't expect or suspected might not be necessary. I've had a few other local mechanics in Los Angeles tell me I needed things which I knew I didn't. Not Bill. He and his team are first class, honest, open, and happy to spend a moment discussing the repairs and even taking the time to explain how to perform some simpler repairs myself. All work was done with a high level of quality, in a timely manner, and any minor additional costs were promptly communicated to make sure I approved before they performed the work. When complete, not only was my van running great, but it was looking great as well since they had cleaned both outside and inside the car. Bill helped me return my rental car to the Bakersfield airport (about 30 miles round trip back to his shop) and I was on my way home. I can't recommend Precision Automotive enough. If I am ever back in Bakersfield and need anything for my van, I am stopping there. I wish they were located in Los Angeles- I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Kimberly Eagleton: This is a fantastic and honest shop. From my first visit the shop has surprised me how professional, experienced and helpful they are. I had a pre-vehicle inspection done for a used Mini Cooper S. They spotted a few issues with brakes/rotors to address with the dealer. They even provided me a quote for the service which was less than I have ever been given for any car I've ever had. Anyone who knows Mini Coopers, knows these are expensive cars! Luckily, the dealer took care of it, but this shop is now my go to. Already been back for an synthetic oil change and they were kind enough to look over my brakes/rotors the dealer fixed and give it the okay.

Chris Rigby: Dropped off my car in the late morning for a water pump timing belt and thermostat. Got a call that it was ready to be picked up about noon the next day. Given how busy the shop was and the speedy turn around I was a little hesitant to believe it was done and no corners were cut. Got it home (40 miles) with no more cooling issues. Lifted the hood everything was done and cleaned up nicely. Overall I'm very impressed with the work quality and the staff. Bill sat down with me and listened to my list of concerns then went to work. I wasn't blown off halfway through telling what the cars doing like so many shops. Thanks guys and girl for a good job great price and speedy turn around time.

Anthony: I have used several mechanics in the past, and I can say that they are, hands down, the best I've ever encountered. Bill will take the time to explain what needs to be done and will do exactly what he promises. When he gives you a quote, THAT is what you will pay. How refreshing. A mechanic who doesn't try to sell you stuff you don't need and is happy to have you as a customer. What? Precision Auto should be in all the top lists of places to do business with. Even if I moved out of the state of California, I would ship my car to Precision Auto for service. They are that good. I highly recommend Precision Auto to anyone who wants auto service done right the first time.

Nathan Sanchez: Bill was upfront and clear about what was wrong with my Mini and how much it would cost. He even prioritized the repairs in relation to my car's needs. I got a quote, the repairs and they even washed my car and got it back to me within two days. I'll definitely back for all future maintenance.

Carl Klingenberg: Took my van there for service and received absolutely outstanding service - both automotive and customer! Highly recommend!! Carl

Ruth Hendricks: Fantastic work, great people...I am very happy with the work they did on my Volkswagen Jetta! I would take my car back whenever I needed repairs... Thanks Bill and Liz!!

Kris Sherrell: I just picked up my car from Precision - it is so wonderful to find a first class automotive shop in Bakersfield. William and Liz, the owners, were extremely professional, kind and honest. I would highly recommend them to everyone needing Automotive repairs! Thank you for your prompt courteous service.

Chuck Mason: We got lucky. Our MINI had a catastrophic transmission failure while coming down the mountain near Arvin. A quick Web search lead us to Precision. It was Saturday, but Bill was at his shop doing some clean-up. He answered the phone, we conferred, he hung around for the tow truck to arrive, he then allowed us to park the car in his lot for a few days while we reviewed our options. They were not good; the car was a lemon with transmission replacement amounting to more than the Blue Book value. After we decided to sell the car 'as is', we placed a craigslist ad and arranged a meetup of numerous potential buyers in the same parking lot. Bill ended up displaying another useful skill; amateur auctioneer. Without even turning a wrench, Bill exhibited very important aspects that one seeks in any mechanic; knowledge, helpfulness, honesty, and good advice. Oh, and he does indeed have one CLEAN shop.

Christy Burke: As I am sure you know, people in the automotive business automatically are perceived as less than honest. I can't express enough how blessed I am and all your other customers are when they trust you with their car. You are truly a gift to me and my family. I will, from here forward bring to you all our cars when they need service. We reap what we sow.

Yanira Acevedo: I am an owner of a 2007 land rover range rover, my vehicle needed brakes. I initially took my vehicle to **** **** ***** (another shop) where I was told not only did I need front brakes, but also rear brakes. It was going to be VERY expensive, so I decided to shop around and found Precision Auto, William told me to bring in my vehicle for inspection. He showed me my brakes, and it came to my surprise, my rear brakes were almost brand new! He was very honest and helpful, I definitely recommend Precision Automotive! Great customer service, I will continue to bring my vehicle back for future work. Thank you William and staff!

Mark French: Really superior work on my car. Everyone went out of their way to be helpful and get me back on the road.

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Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM
(661) 831-7461